About ALC

Athlete Licensing Company (ALC) is a tech-enabled NIL/Intellectual Property rights management company that connects student-athletes, universities, collectives, brands and agents. We provide NIL consulting and comprehensive, tailored program administration, with our GameDayNIL™ digital platform at the core of these services. ALC’s mission is to keep student-athletes at the center of the NIL ecosystem. We do this through our Club NILlionaire™ app, which enables student-athletes to optimize and manage their NIL opportunities.

While NIL is new to college athletics, the concept behind it is not. A person’s NIL is considered their Intellectual Property (IP). For decades, IP rights have been monetized and protected for various uses, such as in the music, entertainment and professional sports industries.

The ALC team has broad and deep expertise and our tech is based on 25+ years of IP rights management experience. We help our customers win at NIL so their student-athletes can succeed.

ALC's Expertise

& NIL Law

Over a decade of experience in all legal aspects of university policies, athletics, and state and federal laws.

IP Rights

Board-licensed attorneys with 25+ years of experience in IP rights management in the music industry.

Athletic Director
& SEC Coach

30+ years of experience in university-level coaching and running an SEC Athletics Department


Operational and technology expertise and software development leadership.


Former members of university athletic departments with years of fundraising experience.

& Finance

Professionals with high levels of success in driving financial services SaaS companies.  

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