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An integrated platform for all of your NIL processes and systems

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Consolidate systems and processes

All of the new marketplace, compliance, collective and education systems are hard to manage. Integrate all of your systems, data and processes into a single platform with Arena.

Use Deal Intelligence 
to recruit and retain 

Navigating the NIL ecosystem is tough for athletic departments and athletes. Get insights into an athlete's past NIL performance and their current market rate through our deal intelligence system.


Set spend targets for athletes


Upload preferred brands


Let AutoPilot manage the rest

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Student Athletes
NIL Mobile Software
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Give athletes the tools they need

Put a digital business manager in the pocket of every athlete


Push deals in real time

Create a digital wallet for NIL funds

Track and execute deals in one place

Automatically disclose deals 

Arena Features

Arena's comprehensive feature set will enable you to streamline your processes like never before. You focus on supporting your athletes, and we will take care of the paperwork.



With the volume of contracts ramping up, it's easy to get bogged down in repetitive review. Use our proprietary deal analysis tool to automatically flag potential issues.

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Aggregated Disclosures

Don't limit your athletes to a single marketplace or channel. Use the Arena platform to aggregate all of your disclosures into one easy to use system that includes workflow capabilities to go beyond just reporting.

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Athletes are already extremely busy. Coordinating in-person seminars can be a huge hassle. Leverage our on-the-go learning component to push and track relevant, expert content to your athletes at the click of a button. 

Then, reenforce that content as athletes encounter those topics in context of their deals to further ensure they are armed for success.



Use our proprietary dataset to calculate marketplace valuations in real time. Help your athletes to understand the going rate for their NIL rights.

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Put a digital business manager in your athletes' pockets. Give them a deal evaluation tool, digital wallet, real time in context training and an easy to use platform to execute their deals.


Connect Third Parties

With so many internal and external stakeholders, it's sometimes hard to keep track. Use GamedayNIL to coordinate and collaborate with third parties such as collectives, agents and vendors all in one place.

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