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Your comprehensive collective management solution

NIL Automation
Reaching a Deal

Do deals, not contracts

Use our Deal Builder to easily construct complex and compliant deals with ease.

Put it on AutoPilot

Spend your time making the most out of your donor and athlete relationships, and let us handle legal terms and accounting.


Set spend targets for athletes


Upload preferred brands


Let AutoPilot manage the rest

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NIL Mobile Software
Phone Screen

Give athletes the tools they need

Put a digital business manager in the pocket of every athlete


Push deals in real time

Create a digital wallet for NIL funds

Track and execute deals in one place

Automatically disclose deals 

Hype Features

Hype's comprehensive feature set will allow you to operationalize your organization like never before. You focus on scaling your business, and we will take care of the paperwork.



Our easy to use Deal Builder allows you to quickly define the terms of the deal without having to handle all the nuances of state law and NCAA regulations. Just input the terms and leave the legal language to us!

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Automated Disclosures

Your team and your athletes are already busy enough. Let our system take care of disclosing deals directly to the university, regardless of the compliance solution they have in place.


Spend Automation

Running a collective is a lot of work. If you plan on scaling, you're going to need help. With Hype Autopilot, all you have to do is set spend targets for your athletes. Hype will take care of the deal making and execution letting you focus on your fans and athletes.

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Donor / Fan Engagement

Keep donors and fans engaged for the long haul! Use Hype Courtside to offer exclusive access to a community and premium content about your players and program. Set custom subscription tiers, host live events and more!

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Do more for your athletes than deals. Put a digital business manager in their back pocket. Give them a deal evaluation tool, a digital wallet, real time in context training and an easy to use platform to execute their deals.


Budget Management

It is one thing to collect donations. It is entirely another to keep track of money you have allocated and how how much you have to spend on new deals and athletes. Hype's easy-to-use budget tracking system will make sure you are getting the most out of every dollar.

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