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About ALC

Athlete Licensing Company (ALC) is a tech-enabled NIL/IP rights management company that connects student-athletes, universities, collectives, brands and agents. 

While NIL is new to college athletics, the concept behind it is not. A person’s NIL is considered their Intellectual Property. For decades, IP rights have been monetized and protected for various uses, such as in the music, entertainment and professional sports industries.

ALC boasts a wealth of experience in intellectual property management, technology and finance, as well as brings significant expertise in NCAA, state and school compliance requirements, tech-enabled brand management and administrative support.

Our Team's Expertise:

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IP Rights Administration

Board-licensed attorneys with over 30 years of experience in IP rights management in the music industry

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NCAA and NIL Law

Former members of Texas A&M University General Counsel with over a decade of experience in all legal aspects of university policies, athletics, and state and federal laws

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Athletic Director and SEC Coach

30+ years of experience in university-level coaching and running an SEC Athletics Department

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Technology Leadership

Military veteran with seasoned operational and technological expertise and over a decade of successful leadership in software companies

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University Fundraising

Former members of multiple university athletics departments with over a decade of fundraising experience

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Accounting and Finance

Accomplished finance professionals with a high level of success in driving financial services  SaaS companies

Our Clients

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